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A Poor Community OfMutualRescue
We host 14 people cwho don't have a home, who don't have an income, some don't have a registry office, some are under house arrest.Let's praytogether and we producesurvivalsharing what we grow and the gift of visitors to the Restaurant chewe manage cars. AloneVolunteering  ofmutual aidwith thegift.


Having little, let's divide what we have, fromBrothers: there is nothing greater. 


Brother Vincenzo del Vollto Santo.He rejected money and the market, he gave to the poor what he had while living in poverty, as the brother of Francis.  He practiced mutual aid withGift. We carry it in our hearts...


TherePoor Prayerit gives us courage, when a hand asks and a hand gives, sometimes we seem to seeJesus.

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