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In the tax return FORM 730-740 write our Tax ID code: 97559180589 you make us survive!



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We're thevolunteersof thecaptain last, we opened onefamily homewhere they live10 guys and around those guys we built aMutual Aid Community in the gift, which builds  survival for theabandonedthanks to the donations of people that every weekend they sit at theTableof theil Mendicante social restaurant or purchase our artisan products. We have restored8 rooms Wherewe hostfor freehomeless people thatthey are committed with us forto survive. Every day we offer amealfreeto those who don't have to pay, (3464386530).

All the activities, all the products made in the various laboratory areas and in theseasonal vegetable gardenthey are intended for the survival of marginalized people. The Sunday at 1pm at Mass, inHut -Church  of the poor, let's donatethe bread and we distribute the proceeds from various activities to the poor who live with us. Producing the survival of marginalized people is oursPoor street prayer.

We are waiting for you with your family, with your friends, Ours isPURE VOLUNTEERING,no personal profit.We are notafarmhouseyet at our social canteen you will be able to encounter the simple flavors of traditional dishes, thefriendshipThatit is not sold Andyou can't buy it, butyes Dona. In the Prenestino district, invia Tenuta della Mistica 55
to theRestaurantthe Beggar“,
at the "Pizzeriafrom theRisk Tower“.
bookyour place at3464386530

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