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Last Flight

The bird of prey centerLast Flight” was imagined to make people know, love and protect  the Raptors. 

Ours is a falconry of social and environmental protection. Against poaching and to protect the environment.

 Families and small groups  can book an aperitif with  walk in the greenery accompanied by the flight of a falcon  and from his  falconer.   Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 – 3464386530 –

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2.30 pm the center is open to families and you can attend demonstrations of the different flight techniques that characterize each species of falcon, from the peregrine to the kite and nocturnal birds of prey.

Our qualified volunteers prepare coursespet therapy in favor of subjectsdisabledAndthey don't seeyou.
For schools  they organize personalized educational visits extended to environmental and legal education.

You can book and participate in the basic courses (12 hours), to learn how to manage and fly a Falcon.  

To book  call   3464386530 –


In 2010, falconry was recognized byUNESCO asOral and intangible heritage of humanity :

“Falconry is one of the oldest relationships between man and bird, dating back more than 4,000 years. Falconry is a traditional activity with birds of prey trained to take prey in their habitat. This is a natural activity, because the hawk and its prey have evolved together over millions of years, their interaction is an ancient drama. The falcon is adapted to hunt prey and the prey has evolved in many ways to escape the hawk. This leads to a fascinating insight into the way nature works and poses an intellectual challenge to the falconer in his understanding of behavior. His task is to bring the actors together on the stage of nature. To do this the falconer must develop a strong relationship and synergy with his bird."

Falconry and the Association's Birds of Prey

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