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(Code update ( THIRD SECTOR 

In the year 2009, on the 23rd of May, at the future registered office of the soon-to-be established voluntary association located in Rome, via della Tenuta della Mistica snc, the following were present:

– Sergio DE CAPRIO;

– Silvia BALDELLI;

– Giuseppe DE VENERE;

– Michele SOAVI;

– Alfredo LUCKY

who agree and stipulate the following:

1. A voluntary association called: is established between Sergio DE CAPRIO, Silvia BALDELLI, Giuseppe DE VENERE, Michele SOAVI and Alfredo FORTUNATO

Voluntary association "

non-profit voluntary organization of social utility


2. The voluntary association is based in Rome, via della Tenuta della Mistica snc.

With a resolution of the Board of Directors, the Association may also establish secondary offices in different locations.

The Association is governed by the attached statute and by the current laws regarding voluntary organisations, and is established in accordance with the provisions of law 11 August 1991, n. 266 – “framework law on volunteering” – and, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 10, paragraph 8 of the legislative decree of 4 December 1997, n. 460 containing "reorganization of the tax regulations of non-entities

commercial and non-profit organizations of social utility", as a voluntary organization it automatically acquires the status of "ONLUS".

3. The Association, which has an unlimited duration, does not pursue profit-making purposes in any way, carries out voluntary activities through the spontaneous and free personal services of its members and operates in the following

• social and health care assistance;

• charity;

• education and training;

• amateur sporting activities;

• protection and enhancement of the environment, landscape and nature;

• promotion of culture and art;

• protection of civil rights.

The Association pursues the following

• promotion of the culture of legality, through cultural events and social support and solidarity actions;

• creation, management and support of family homes and centers for environmental education and the care, protection and repopulation of fauna;

• creation and management of artisanal training workshops for vulnerable individuals;

• organization and management of fundraising events for vulnerable individuals and more generally for charity;

• interventions in problematic areas for civil protection needs (earthquakes, floods, environmental disasters, etc.).

The Association cannot carry out activities other than those indicated, for example

with the exception of those strictly connected to them or those ancillary to the statutory ones, as they are integrative of the same, and of any suitable instrumental activity or support for the pursuit of institutional purposes.

The Association will be able to guarantee its collaboration with other bodies for the implementation of initiatives that fall within its objectives.

For the best achievement of the social objectives, the Association may, among other things, own, and/or manage and/or rent or lease assets, whether movable or immovable, make contracts and/or agreements with other associations and /or third parties in general.

All as better specified in the statute, read, approved and signed by those appearing, which is attached to this deed and forms an integral and substantial part of it.

4. The assets of the Association consist of all movable and immovable property that comes to the Association for any reason, as well as all rights with patrimonial and financial content of the same; by any reserve funds established with budget surpluses; from any disbursements, donations and bequests intended to increase the assets.

The assets and financial means are intended to ensure the exercise of the company's activity.


6. The management body of the voluntary association is

– Sergio DE CAPRIO;

– Silvia BALDELLI;

– Giuseppe DE VENERE;

– Michele SOAVI;

– Alfredo LUCKY;

– Giansaverio RAGONE;

– Antonella SERAFINI;

– Angelo RIGHI;

– Don Giovanni SIGNORELLO.

The Board of Directors at its first meeting elects the

7. The rules relating to the rights and obligations of

8. The financial year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st of each year; the first financial year will end on 31 December 2009.

As a voluntary organization established pursuant to law 11 August 1991, n. 266 - "framework law on volunteering", this deed and the attached statute are drawn up on plain paper and registered with exemption from stamp duty and registration tax.

 volunteers captain last” sectors: purpose; The appearing parties assume, in terms of the statute, the role of founding members of the voluntary association established here. Board of Directors, vested with the duties and powers resulting from the attached statute, which for the first mandate are appointed: President and Vice President, as well as the Secretary and Treasurer, vested with the duties and powers resulting from the attached statute. members of the voluntary association, the conditions of their admission and the causes of exclusion, their participation in the life of the Association, as well as the rules relating to dissolution and all other agreements that regulate the voluntary association are contained in the annex statute.  

(registered on 18 June 2009 – n. 3/12914

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