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Article 1

Constitution and headquarters

The voluntary association called "Captain Last Volunteers" (hereinafter only "Association") is established with headquarters in Rome, via della Tenuta della Mistica snc. With a resolution of the Board of Directors, the Association may also establish secondary offices in different locations.


The Association is governed by this statute and by the laws in force regarding voluntary organisations, and is established in accordance with the provisions of law 11 August 1991, n. 266 – “framework law on volunteering” – and, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 10, paragraph 8 of the legislative decree of 4 December 1997, n. 460 containing "reorganization of the tax regulations of non-commercial entities and non-profit organizations of social utility", as a voluntary organization it automatically acquires the status of "ONLUS".





Article 2


Character of the Association




The Association is non-partisan and apolitical; the contents and structure are inspired by principles of solidarity, transparency and democracy, which allow the effective participation of the membership in the life of the Association itself.

The Association carries out voluntary activities through the spontaneous and free personal services of its members and does not pursue profit-making objectives in any way. The Association may participate as a member in other associations/organizations with similar purposes.


Article 3

Duration of the Association


The duration of the Association is unlimited.

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